uccellodifuoco: As this last breath leaves me (004 - Into the distance)
Phoenix Ikki ([personal profile] uccellodifuoco) wrote2010-12-18 02:27 pm

6th Rise of the Phoenix ஜ Action (Fourth Wall Event)

[Like many, Ikki isn't really a happy camper right now. The sudden influx of people was obvious for him from the very start, mostly because of his habit of reaching out with his Cosmo everyday upon waking up. It's basically just a reflex, a way to know if anything important is happening or if someone he knows has gone missing... Or even if someone he knows has appeared. Even if the cycle for arrivals hasn't started yet, Ikki has heard enough times already that the cycles like to change.

Still, it's one thing for it to start early and another to get this many people. It requires a visual investigation and soon enough the Phoenix Saint will be walking around the village to check what's going on. He's wearing his Cloth instead of just carry the Pandora Box, he may come to need it after all.]

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