Feb. 14th, 2011

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[Ikki has never been a man to really care about those festivities, he never had time for them before and now he has no reason at all to care. Maybe, had Esmeralda lived longer, had them met under other circumstances at another place away from the cruelty of Death's Queen Island... Maybe he would have celebrated Saint Valentine's Day with her, maybe by his own will or just because she wanted to celebrate it and he didn't see a reason to upset her over something so small.

But Esmeralda is dead and he's a warrior, a soldier whose live belongs to Athena, for whom he will fight and die as many times as he has to, until his Cloth moves on to another warrior. So this day has no meaning for him. Neither was he present for previous experiments so for him it's all a normal day, there's not even the feeling of something missing. He had planned to maybe ignore the world during the day, for no other reason than being himself, but... Hyoga's habit of eating his footwear is starting to annoy him.]

Oi, anyone here is good with animals? I can't seem to get my wolf to stop eating my footwear.

[A pause.]

And no, books so far haven't helped with it.

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