Dec. 2nd, 2011

uccellodifuoco: As this last breath leaves me (028 - He's a lone wolf you can see it)
[The feed starts with a barking wolf cub staring at the open journal on the floor. The image isn't clear but it seems as if the book has fell. The animal paws all over it, sniffing at it before it starts to bite it and tear pages out as if it was a chewing toy.

At least until Ikki spots his pet. Two hands grab the animal, holding it in the air and shifting to hold it as a baby before he recovers the journal and puts it on the table.]

Stupid animal, what part of this does look like a boot?!

[He shakes the wolf lightly, but all he gets in response to the scolding is a bark and a lick on the face.]

Whatever... Can't believe it'll soon be a year since you're here. Guess it was time you broke something for real.

[Ikki looks at the journal, checking it.]

Is this still working or I'm going to have to find a mechanic? Or whoever would fix this book, I don't think a librarian would do.


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