Mar. 6th, 2012

uccellodifuoco: How could he just forsake us? (004 - This is life that's so thankless)
[There's a certain sense of emptiness when he wakes up today, specially when he exits his room. Even more when he check's Smoker's room.

Haha. Figures Smoker would vanish from this place not long after getting to know better his feminine side. Figures he would leave before Ikki did. He never thought that would be possible, but it may be exactly because of that that it has happened. He doesn't bother with filters when he opens his journal, violently even, the anger is so noticeable in his voice that it may make people cringe.]

To those taking classes with Smoker. They are canceled. Today, tomorrow, next week and next month probably. Go find a new teacher if you want.

To the pirates. Congratulations, there's one Marine less here to bother you all. Which I think leaves the grand total of zero Marines here.

To anyone else who knew Smoker. He's back home, lucky him.

[It's hard to tell if that "lucky him" is sarcasm or just pure anger dripping from his words. At any rate the journal catches something else before he finishes the record.]

Hyoga, get up. We're out of here. There's no reason to stay here.


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