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14th Rise of the Phoenix ஜ Action

[Morning - early afternoon]

[Luceti is just a village, surrounded by a forest full with animals, so it may not be a surprise for some to see a small wolf pup, little over a year old, wandering around the village. Or maybe it can be a surprise since the animal is all alone. At any rate, Hyoga, will be sniffing at everything and everyone, using all his tracking talents to find a certain person, though if he meets with anyone whose scent he knows the animal may give it a try to drag them with him to Ikki's apartment. The wolf pup is rather insistent and seems to have a huge sense of urgency, as if he's terribly worried...

Eventually, though, the animal will find House 15, where his target now resides. Hopefully none of the people living there will mind the howling and barking wolf pup at their door until the door gets open for him or Selphie appears, somehow. Again there's a certain sense of urgency and insistence in the animal, this may not be a game for him after all.]

[Late afternoon - night]

[Later in the afternoon, after a talk with Selphie, Ikki will be hitting the Good Spirits bar. Apparently trying to check how much alcohol he needs to drink before he gets intoxicated, he will be there until someone drags him away or he's kicked out of the bar. Fortunately despite his intents he's a slow drinker so his life isn't in danger.

That doesn't mean he may end at the wrong place because he's too drunk to remember where his apartment is.]

((OOC: Feel free to meet Hyoga and be dragged to Ikki's apartment, specially if you've CR with him already, but even if not the animal would probably end guiding them there if anyone asks what's wrong. Selphie's thread will be the last one chronologically for that part. For the next part, your character can meet Ikki as he makes his way to the bar, when he's on it or when he's trying to return home, be warned that his grade of coherency may not be high in the last situation.))

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