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Phoenix Ikki ([personal profile] uccellodifuoco) wrote2012-02-20 01:50 pm
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15th Rise of the Phoenix ஜ Voice

[Filtered from Kotomi | Unhackable 5% 75% by Selphie]

[Yes, he fails at filters.]

General question for all of you. What would you-...

[No, that's not a good idea. He doesn't need that, she has told him several times, right? She likes books, which means a book is probably the best gift, he doesn't need to ask what to give her. A book will do. She also liked the plushies he gave her before so there's that, maybe he can get a teddy bear for her on top of it, since if she loves books that much she probably has read a lot of them.

Then again, maybe that only applies to the ones in her world, and there are way too many books in the world to read them all anyway. Yes, that sounds like a good question. He clears his throat a bit.]

Book recommendations. Anyone knows of interesting books to read? Novels, tales, science, any theme will do.

[She probably will enjoy it either way so... Should he ask that it won't be too complicated? No, even if she reads them to him as well he can ask if he doesn't get something. It's a gift just for her after all.]

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