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Phoenix Ikki ([personal profile] uccellodifuoco) wrote2012-05-06 10:54 pm
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17th Rise of the Phoenix ஜ Voice / Written

[Filtered against Kotomi | Unhackable 10%]

[One day he will be able to do proper filters. Today is not that day.]

Question for whoever isn't bored out of their bodies by this place. What kind of things do you do to not be bored? I mean, do you go to hang out at any place in specific or something? Specially when going with someone, assuming you don't spend every time just in each others' houses.

I assume dinner out is a good idea but I'm pretty sure there has to be something else to do in this prison.

[Yes, this is a request for ideas for a date. Hopefully he has worded it in a subtle enough way that no one will notice it. Bwahaha, behold his master plan.]

Don't bother suggesting the library, that one doesn't count.

[Filtered to Rin | Unhackable 10% | Written]


Sorry for not answering your last letter in such a long time. I've spent most of the last month doing missions in an attempt to not drive myself nuts. Anyway I have a question for you: with whom does one have to talk to make a reservation or something where you work?

- Ikki

[Filtered to Kotomi | Unhackable 10%]

[This comes later in the day, actually at night. It's earlier than when he usually contacts her to wish her good night, but he knows that.]

Did you go to sleep already, Kotomi-chan?

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