uccellodifuoco: As this last breath leaves me (011 - One more cup of coffee 'fore I go)
Phoenix Ikki ([personal profile] uccellodifuoco) wrote2010-09-16 02:37 pm

3rd Rise of the Phoenix ஜ Action

[For once Ikki has decided to try to hang around the village itself instead of going to the mountains or the forest. Even he can get bored of that, after all.

He will be seen calmly sitting at the plaza or having a drink at the Good Spirits or the Seventh Heaven, depending on the hour. At one point he will "find" the flower shop and will get a flower -only one- before heading for the forest to a more or less secluded area.

Nothing terribly curious or interesting. Though he will have his Pandora box with him the whole time, as big as half of his body. Not that that's out of normal in Luceti, right?]

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