uccellodifuoco: As this last breath leaves me (012 - Considered nostalgia)
Phoenix Ikki ([personal profile] uccellodifuoco) wrote2011-08-15 08:28 pm

11th Rise of the Phoenix ஜ Action/Voice

[One of the problems of living with Smoker is that, as silent as the man can be he's pretty good at his job as a police -or rather, a marine- and getting information. Ikki had forgot about that and about telling the man when his birthday was, something he had made a point to not tell anyone because it was pointless. Had her remembered he would have gone out the night before and thus avoid finding a cake prepared for him in the morning of his birthday. How did Smoker even know which was his favorite will always be a mystery, but Ikki's plans to go hole himself at the bar and drink until he didn't know who he was were foiled.

Ikki stares at the cake with a frown, there are worse things to do on one's birthday than to eat cake with his best friend roommate and Kohaku but still, he would have prefered to avoid any of this.]

A birthday cake. Was it necessary?

[There's an obvious drunk slur in the words broad-casted, as well as an obvious lack of direction and a good deal of randomness.]

Never thought I would live past 21. Wait, Saga and the others were far older... Guess I still have a few more years before getting screwed.

Tch, this glass is broken, the liquor keeps running out. [Maybe it wouldn't be broken if he stopped drinking? Nah, that's silly.] 'Kay, one more round-... Hey! Where the hell is my sister? No, brother... Nah, that one isn't here, is he? Or was it a she? Whatever, I'll call it "S" and be done with it.

Maybe they have been sent home too, everyone seems to get the ticket out of here lately... [Some hitting sounds, as if someone is knocking at the journal.] Heey, anyone left here yet?

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