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Phoenix Ikki ([personal profile] uccellodifuoco) wrote2012-01-28 02:32 pm
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13th Rise of the Phoenix ஜ Action (Fourth Wall Event)

[Apparently, either the Malnosso have decided that around three hundred of people aren't enough for their experiments... Or someone has left open the front door and people thought that the enclosure was a commercial center with a sale going on. Ikki has never been a people person, he has problems already when half of the village gathers for parties, this sudden influx of not-New Feathers isn't something that pleases him.

Specially when his pet, an arctic wolf cub, little over one year old and named Hyoga, decides to start running around to play catch with his owner. Of course, like always, Ikki is the "it" that has to catch the animal. And of course, today the village is so full of people that running around isn't easy, or keep sight of the animal, good thing Hyoga knows how to get back home... Or he should, Ikki had been teaching him that recently. Still he tries to catch the animal, not because he's worried but because it would be troublesome to just let it go and bother people.]

Let me go through, dammit! Hyoga!! Stop right there this instant!! Come back, stupid wolf! I'm not going to chase you forever so come already!

[Of course, Hyoga will at most stop, turn to look at its owner and then keep running away happily. Or bother whoever is next to him if he thinks they smell nice or something. He's not afraid of the angry phoenix chasing him, not at all.]

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