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[Ikki is walking through the village with relative calm, he's not pleased and it's obvious in his body language that he's stressed and annoyed. Who wouldn't be, having found himself in an unknown place, a place where he didn't intend to be?

The fact that no matter how much he expanded his Cosmos, he couldn't find his brothers' Cosmos or the Cosmos of anyone he knew didn't help in the situation. Still, he looks quite sure of where he's going, even if he's not, and only the loose-fitting white cotton pants he's wearing point out that he's new in the place.

Those particularly sensible to spiritual energy may notice his strong Cosmos -full of contained anger and hate, directed to no one but obviously there- constantly reaching out and basically checking everyone he can reach. Searching for something, or someone, that would explain him being stuck in that place. Unable to return to where he intended to go or contact his friends, so far he's not having any luck and the idea he's starting to get doesn't please him.]
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