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2030-04-10 02:27 am
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How's My Driving?

Anon is ON, comment screening is ON and IP logging is OFF.

If you have any questions, criticism, suggestions or whatever regarding my characterization of Phoenix Ikki feel free to drop a word here.
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2029-04-10 06:20 pm

Appointment Post

✉ Ⓐppointment Ⓟost ✉


Permanent post for small IC messages or encounters for [personal profile] uccellodifuoco @ [community profile] luceti.
When replying to this post please mark the date in the subject line.
[Action, March 11th]
[Voice, September 8th]
[Written, June 10th]

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2013-02-12 11:01 pm
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19th Rise of the Phoenix ஜ Voice

[He always thought that his worst months, the ones he hated the most, were August and September, to be exact the last half of August and the first half of September. But this year Ikki is realizing that he hates February even more. He feels like a caged furious tiger, knowing that something is up, that something is going to happen and that it probably will happen to him and totally unable to do anything to avoid it or escape from it. All he can do is pace in his cage, glare and growl, acting all tough, while inwardly praying to every deity for things to remain fine after the month ends.

He hates to have his feelings played with, he specially hates it when because of that women are hurt once the experiment ends and they realize it was all fake and even if it wasn't his fault he hates it and blames himself for it. But mostly, he hates the idea that Kotomi may be affected again, that come the 14th she may be wandering around the village again, a chocolate box in her hands, ready to give them to someone else who isn't him. And with that hate comes the fear that it may actually happen. That even once the experiment is over she may come to realize she doesn't love him that much or just that the other man is better than Ikki and so he won't just lose her for a few days but forever. But there's nothing he can do to avoid that, to try to ensure that doesn't happen, at least nothing that isn't downright cruel and probably illegal.

Any other day he would convince himself that even if that happened it would be for the better for both of them. But this month he finds himself unable to fool himself as easily as the rest of the year. He may lose Kotomi and not just because it was meant to happen but because a childish so-called scientist thinks that playing with people's hearts is a good experiment. He definitively can't accept that. So rather than just sit and lay low, uncaring for the world, Ikki finds himself more restless than ever. And he realizes it's worrying when he actually grabs his journal and makes a post, hoping that despite some people's strange behavior there will be some left normal enough to engage in conversation and distract him for a bit.]

Hey, Luceti... How many of you have actually ever gotten anything "good" from all the crap the Malnosso put us through? Experiments, drafts, kidnappings, you name it. Do you even bother with trying to find a positive thing to some of those things? Make the best out of it or however you want to say it.

And how many of you have got things downright ruined, or at least damaged enough, because of those thing? Even if you managed to fix things up later on or if you still are dragging along the luggage of that disaster. I'm not asking for details, I'm just curious as to how many chances do I have to not end this month wanting to kill everyone in my sight who looks like a scientist with a weakness to play with people's feelings.

[Private to Kotomi]

I love you.

[Normally he wouldn't say it so openly -even if this is private for just her-, but it's the most direct way he can think of checking if Kotomi has been affected by an experiment or not this month. The day she doesn't answer or answers anything different than showing that she still loves him he's going to have a heart attack.]
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2012-08-16 07:54 am

18th Rise of the Phoenix ஜ Action/Voice [Backdated to the 15th]

[To be honest, Ikki hasn't slept at all. He has stayed awake in his room, glaring at the clock as it slowly ticked away the minutes until midnight hit and with it came the official start of the new day. Another August 15th, another birthday he never expected to "enjoy", the third spent in this place which only reminds him that he's on his way to his third year in Luceti as a whole. He spends the night sulking to himself before leaving early in a poor, and probably useless, attempt to avoid Smoker and the rum cake he knows that is going to show up sooner or later for as long as possible.

He never wants to celebrate his birthday, this year isn't an exception. Selphie isn't here anymore, which is good because it means there's one less person who will know that it's his birthday, but deep inside it just bothers him that she's not here. Hyoga isn't here either, still kidnapped... Assuming that they didn't send him away while they had him, but the Cygnus cloth is still in his room after he recovered it from where Hyoga had camped so he will keep some hope and assume that he's still there somewhere.

At least he has Kotomi, except that even after confessing to her, he still doubts he deserves her or that he can do any good to her. Actually he doesn't have doubts about that, he knows he doesn't deserve her and that he can't do any good to her, but he also knows that she's in his heart too deeply for him to be able to take her out of there and not bleed completely. He may be the immortal bird, but his heart holds enough wounds as it is, he doesn't really want to kill his heart completely even if reason sometimes tells him that it would be the best option. At any rate, House #26 will have Ikki knocking at the door early in the morning, not too early for it to be a crazy time to show up but still early enough so that no one, specially Kotomi, won't have plans already.

Because of that Ikki will spend most of the day with his precious treasure, hanging around, having lunch at the Seventh Heaven... Though knowing them, they will probably end sitting somewhere with her reading to him. And by sitting somewhere it means him sitting and making her sit on his lap so he can lean his head against her shoulder and read as she does while holding her waist in a loose hug, discretion be damned... It's advised to not stare though, as the phoenix doesn't deal well with that.

Later, once Kotomi is delivered safely back to her house, just in time for dinner, Ikki will crash at the Good Spirits for a few rounds against his liver. Just so it doesn't forget the habit, you know. A few hours later, a drunk Ikki will be fumbling with his journal. Maybe next year he will remember to lock it away before he gets drunk but for now... Have a drunk message before you go to sleep Luceti, please don't mind the slur in his words.]

I bet you were thinking about how great she is and how I don't deserve her or some shit like that. Well!! I know that already. I know that I don't deserve someone as sweet and innocent as Kotomi, I know I don't deserve to be alive. But you know what? I'm screwed up, because no matter what you throw at me I just won't die, I will keep fucking returning from hell as if it was any Tuesday. And I love her. And she loves me! I don't know why or how she can do that, but she loves me. So until she stops loving me or I can finally die... What was I saying? Hey, where did the whisky go? Tch, it keeps vanishing, stupid glass. Stupid drink.

Anyway! [Pause as he tries to remember what he was saying. No really, it has left his mind.] I don't care how bad I am, or how little I deserve to live or to be with Kotomi. It just happens, I always deal with all the shit life has in for me, I take it even if I don't want it, so I'll take this too, because I want it. I love Kotomi and until she gets tired of me, you lot better stop looking at her like that, because she's my girlfriend. And you!! Shitty Malnosso, I bet you had a blast taking my sister and my friend, well, have all the fun you want, but if you touch one hair of Kotomi's precious head there won't be enough magic, divine power or whatever to save you from the hell I'll send you all to.

[ooc: You can crash into Ikki and Kotomi while they are together, just leave a note in the subject so we can both tag back.]
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2012-05-06 10:54 pm
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17th Rise of the Phoenix ஜ Voice / Written

[Filtered against Kotomi | Unhackable 10%]

[One day he will be able to do proper filters. Today is not that day.]

Question for whoever isn't bored out of their bodies by this place. What kind of things do you do to not be bored? I mean, do you go to hang out at any place in specific or something? Specially when going with someone, assuming you don't spend every time just in each others' houses.

I assume dinner out is a good idea but I'm pretty sure there has to be something else to do in this prison.

[Yes, this is a request for ideas for a date. Hopefully he has worded it in a subtle enough way that no one will notice it. Bwahaha, behold his master plan.]

Don't bother suggesting the library, that one doesn't count.

[Filtered to Rin | Unhackable 10% | Written]


Sorry for not answering your last letter in such a long time. I've spent most of the last month doing missions in an attempt to not drive myself nuts. Anyway I have a question for you: with whom does one have to talk to make a reservation or something where you work?

- Ikki

[Filtered to Kotomi | Unhackable 10%]

[This comes later in the day, actually at night. It's earlier than when he usually contacts her to wish her good night, but he knows that.]

Did you go to sleep already, Kotomi-chan?
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2012-03-06 11:31 pm
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16th Rise of the Phoenix ஜ Voice [Backdated to the 3rd]

[There's a certain sense of emptiness when he wakes up today, specially when he exits his room. Even more when he check's Smoker's room.

Haha. Figures Smoker would vanish from this place not long after getting to know better his feminine side. Figures he would leave before Ikki did. He never thought that would be possible, but it may be exactly because of that that it has happened. He doesn't bother with filters when he opens his journal, violently even, the anger is so noticeable in his voice that it may make people cringe.]

To those taking classes with Smoker. They are canceled. Today, tomorrow, next week and next month probably. Go find a new teacher if you want.

To the pirates. Congratulations, there's one Marine less here to bother you all. Which I think leaves the grand total of zero Marines here.

To anyone else who knew Smoker. He's back home, lucky him.

[It's hard to tell if that "lucky him" is sarcasm or just pure anger dripping from his words. At any rate the journal catches something else before he finishes the record.]

Hyoga, get up. We're out of here. There's no reason to stay here.
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2012-02-20 01:50 pm
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15th Rise of the Phoenix ஜ Voice

[Filtered from Kotomi | Unhackable 5% 75% by Selphie]

[Yes, he fails at filters.]

General question for all of you. What would you-...

[No, that's not a good idea. He doesn't need that, she has told him several times, right? She likes books, which means a book is probably the best gift, he doesn't need to ask what to give her. A book will do. She also liked the plushies he gave her before so there's that, maybe he can get a teddy bear for her on top of it, since if she loves books that much she probably has read a lot of them.

Then again, maybe that only applies to the ones in her world, and there are way too many books in the world to read them all anyway. Yes, that sounds like a good question. He clears his throat a bit.]

Book recommendations. Anyone knows of interesting books to read? Novels, tales, science, any theme will do.

[She probably will enjoy it either way so... Should he ask that it won't be too complicated? No, even if she reads them to him as well he can ask if he doesn't get something. It's a gift just for her after all.]
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2012-01-31 01:54 pm
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14th Rise of the Phoenix ஜ Action

[Morning - early afternoon]

[Luceti is just a village, surrounded by a forest full with animals, so it may not be a surprise for some to see a small wolf pup, little over a year old, wandering around the village. Or maybe it can be a surprise since the animal is all alone. At any rate, Hyoga, will be sniffing at everything and everyone, using all his tracking talents to find a certain person, though if he meets with anyone whose scent he knows the animal may give it a try to drag them with him to Ikki's apartment. The wolf pup is rather insistent and seems to have a huge sense of urgency, as if he's terribly worried...

Eventually, though, the animal will find House 15, where his target now resides. Hopefully none of the people living there will mind the howling and barking wolf pup at their door until the door gets open for him or Selphie appears, somehow. Again there's a certain sense of urgency and insistence in the animal, this may not be a game for him after all.]

[Late afternoon - night]

[Later in the afternoon, after a talk with Selphie, Ikki will be hitting the Good Spirits bar. Apparently trying to check how much alcohol he needs to drink before he gets intoxicated, he will be there until someone drags him away or he's kicked out of the bar. Fortunately despite his intents he's a slow drinker so his life isn't in danger.

That doesn't mean he may end at the wrong place because he's too drunk to remember where his apartment is.]

((OOC: Feel free to meet Hyoga and be dragged to Ikki's apartment, specially if you've CR with him already, but even if not the animal would probably end guiding them there if anyone asks what's wrong. Selphie's thread will be the last one chronologically for that part. For the next part, your character can meet Ikki as he makes his way to the bar, when he's on it or when he's trying to return home, be warned that his grade of coherency may not be high in the last situation.))
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2012-01-28 02:32 pm
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13th Rise of the Phoenix ஜ Action (Fourth Wall Event)

[Apparently, either the Malnosso have decided that around three hundred of people aren't enough for their experiments... Or someone has left open the front door and people thought that the enclosure was a commercial center with a sale going on. Ikki has never been a people person, he has problems already when half of the village gathers for parties, this sudden influx of not-New Feathers isn't something that pleases him.

Specially when his pet, an arctic wolf cub, little over one year old and named Hyoga, decides to start running around to play catch with his owner. Of course, like always, Ikki is the "it" that has to catch the animal. And of course, today the village is so full of people that running around isn't easy, or keep sight of the animal, good thing Hyoga knows how to get back home... Or he should, Ikki had been teaching him that recently. Still he tries to catch the animal, not because he's worried but because it would be troublesome to just let it go and bother people.]

Let me go through, dammit! Hyoga!! Stop right there this instant!! Come back, stupid wolf! I'm not going to chase you forever so come already!

[Of course, Hyoga will at most stop, turn to look at its owner and then keep running away happily. Or bother whoever is next to him if he thinks they smell nice or something. He's not afraid of the angry phoenix chasing him, not at all.]
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2011-12-02 02:50 pm
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12th Rise of the Phoenix ஜ Voice

[The feed starts with a barking wolf cub staring at the open journal on the floor. The image isn't clear but it seems as if the book has fell. The animal paws all over it, sniffing at it before it starts to bite it and tear pages out as if it was a chewing toy.

At least until Ikki spots his pet. Two hands grab the animal, holding it in the air and shifting to hold it as a baby before he recovers the journal and puts it on the table.]

Stupid animal, what part of this does look like a boot?!

[He shakes the wolf lightly, but all he gets in response to the scolding is a bark and a lick on the face.]

Whatever... Can't believe it'll soon be a year since you're here. Guess it was time you broke something for real.

[Ikki looks at the journal, checking it.]

Is this still working or I'm going to have to find a mechanic? Or whoever would fix this book, I don't think a librarian would do.
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2011-08-15 08:28 pm

11th Rise of the Phoenix ஜ Action/Voice

Action for CB1 Floor 6 Room 27 [Smoker & Kohaku] )

[There's an obvious drunk slur in the words broad-casted, as well as an obvious lack of direction and a good deal of randomness.]

Never thought I would live past 21. Wait, Saga and the others were far older... Guess I still have a few more years before getting screwed.

Tch, this glass is broken, the liquor keeps running out. [Maybe it wouldn't be broken if he stopped drinking? Nah, that's silly.] 'Kay, one more round-... Hey! Where the hell is my sister? No, brother... Nah, that one isn't here, is he? Or was it a she? Whatever, I'll call it "S" and be done with it.

Maybe they have been sent home too, everyone seems to get the ticket out of here lately... [Some hitting sounds, as if someone is knocking at the journal.] Heey, anyone left here yet?
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2011-05-15 09:23 pm

10th Rise of the Phoenix ஜ Action/Voice

[Filtered from Selphie | You can probably hack this by just sneezing]

How many of you have gone to school? I don't mean studying about something specific like magic to be a sorcerer or however that's done. I mean a general school, with several classes and a lot of hours sitting on a desk doing nothing but listening to the teacher. Do that type of schools even exist in your world?

[No, he hasn't been thinking about the whole school thing since his talk with Selphie about it. No, he's not asking because she seemed to find it kind of important or at least useful. And that filter doesn't mean he doesn't want her to know that he's starting to be interested, because he isn't. Definitively.]

[After making that post and talking with whoever cared to answer, Ikki will be found wandering around town. He doesn't seem to be in a great mood, which isn't unusual but those that know him even a bit will probably notice that he seems to be in a worse mood than normal. He will be accompanied by his per, the wolf cub Hyoga, which will be running around happily and playing with him.

He will also end stalking wherever Selphie may be. As well as those he knew and the people from the "family" he got for ten days, but you won't see him bothering to go to talk to anyone unless they notice him first. Really, he had decided to pay no mind to the experiment and just throw it to his back, like everything else that bothered him. It was easier that way, to keep moving forward and not look back. Don't worry about the stalking, it's nothing serious, it's basically just that if they are outside and around Ikki will spend several minutes somewhere around them in a radius of ten meters doing virtually nothing besides being there.]
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2011-04-03 07:39 pm

9th Rise of the Phoenix ஜ Voice/Action

[Hey, Luceti, the experiment has ended, right? Right. Everyone is back to normal and all... Then what the heck is that fire bird doing soaring across the sky over the village?!

Well, what it's doing is pretty simple, he's getting back to the village from some point at the forest. The phoenix of flames will land around the fountain, but don't worry the flames won't heat you up even one bit! And soon they will vanish, with Ikki emerging from them and looking around to check that he has indeed returned. For someone who has just been returned from a kidnapping he seems pretty okay, maybe a few bruises and scratches, but nothing odd in him. Even the eternal scowl in his face is in place!

Then he sneezes. And despite seeming a bit annoyed at it the scowl soon vanishes from his face and is replaced by a worried and shy expression... Okay, maybe he's not as fine as he seemed. He will leave a voice message, worried about what has happened while he was gone.]

Uhm... Hey, Selphie-chan, Giles-san, Nill-chan, Smoker-san and... Well, everyone I know? Are you all all right? And those who I don't know too, I hope you all are fine. I... I'm back, sorry for vanishing like that. Those droids really are something.

Ah, is my pet fine? Is Hyoga well? I hope he didn't give you many problems, Smoker-san. I'm really sorry.

[Yeah, that probably hasn't sounded very normal for those who know him. Ikki will be wandering around the village a bit before returning home though, he will drop by to get some groceries and what not. He doesn't know how they are on food at the apartment but he supposes it's not a bad idea.

It's quite a funny scene though, to see him get close to the grocery store, sneeze, frown and turn around... Only to sneeze not long after and go back to the store looking all confused.]

[ooc: Ikki will be suffering a bad case of sneezing, doing so randomly. That's not that bad if it wasn't because when he sneezes he changes from his normal self to... A more shy, humble, polite, kind and not Ikki self.]
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2011-02-14 07:55 am

8th Rise of the Phoenix ஜ Voice

[Ikki has never been a man to really care about those festivities, he never had time for them before and now he has no reason at all to care. Maybe, had Esmeralda lived longer, had them met under other circumstances at another place away from the cruelty of Death's Queen Island... Maybe he would have celebrated Saint Valentine's Day with her, maybe by his own will or just because she wanted to celebrate it and he didn't see a reason to upset her over something so small.

But Esmeralda is dead and he's a warrior, a soldier whose live belongs to Athena, for whom he will fight and die as many times as he has to, until his Cloth moves on to another warrior. So this day has no meaning for him. Neither was he present for previous experiments so for him it's all a normal day, there's not even the feeling of something missing. He had planned to maybe ignore the world during the day, for no other reason than being himself, but... Hyoga's habit of eating his footwear is starting to annoy him.]

Oi, anyone here is good with animals? I can't seem to get my wolf to stop eating my footwear.

[A pause.]

And no, books so far haven't helped with it.

[ooc: First tag reserved for [livejournal.com profile] manmade_angel, please wait. Done.]
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2010-12-26 08:05 pm

7th Rise of the Phoenix ஜ Voice/Action

[Ikki's currently walking around the village, not running but he's actually close to. He keeps looking around with a frown, his Cosmo reaching out trying to find something and failing. The Malnosso got him a curious gift, an arctic wolf cub. Why they thought he wanted one or would be good at handling it, he has no idea. Part of him does like the idea of having that animal with him, a companion of sorts, but really, he has never had time for pets or experience with them.

Which leaded him to his current problem. There's a wolf cub running all around the village, caring little about the snow or the surroundings. See him sneaking into shops and houses with the doors vaguely open and just in general run and play around. With Ikki trying to catch up with it. It would be easier if the animal's light vanilla fur stood up more in the snowed village as he keeps losing sight of it and the animal's Cosmo is still too small for Ikki to pick it up easily.]

Damnit! Hyoga! Come back here!

[The wolf cub, Hyoga, pays deaf ears to the calling. Probably because he's convinced that they are just playing. Help a newbie on the field of taking care of pets understand that the more he runs after it, the more the animal will keep running away?

Later in the day, once he's back home and has Hyoga with him, Ikki will make a voice post.]

Anyone around here knows anything about pet care? Dogs or wolves, specifically.
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2010-12-18 02:27 pm

6th Rise of the Phoenix ஜ Action (Fourth Wall Event)

[Like many, Ikki isn't really a happy camper right now. The sudden influx of people was obvious for him from the very start, mostly because of his habit of reaching out with his Cosmo everyday upon waking up. It's basically just a reflex, a way to know if anything important is happening or if someone he knows has gone missing... Or even if someone he knows has appeared. Even if the cycle for arrivals hasn't started yet, Ikki has heard enough times already that the cycles like to change.

Still, it's one thing for it to start early and another to get this many people. It requires a visual investigation and soon enough the Phoenix Saint will be walking around the village to check what's going on. He's wearing his Cloth instead of just carry the Pandora Box, he may come to need it after all.]
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2010-12-06 11:28 pm

5th Rise of the Phoenix ஜ Voice/Action Backdated to Monday's morning

[During the past two weeks, Smoker, resident of Community Building 1, room 27, got some company in the form of a small kid named Ikki. Said kid though, is now again his proper age and though he intentionally slacked on saying much during the past day once he woke up as his normal self, Ikki supposes that it's about time to... He doesn't know, but probably some thanks are in order, as well as getting his ass out of Smoker's place. He's not really sure where the other man is, mostly because Ikki himself has yet to exit the room he got while he was here, so he'll use the journal for a check-in. That's exactly for what it serves, right?]

Smoker, you around?

[There, no filter, because Giles didn't get to teach him that, which is logical as he was a frigging kid, and Ikki isn't really the kind to look for that unless it's heavily important.]

Exactly, how many people got the chance to revisit their kid years during the experiment?

[Just plain curiosity... And that he wants to know how many of the kids he met while he was one are now adults in size.

Later in the day Ikki will be wandering around the village, checking shops and looking at everyone that crosses paths with him. No intense stares or anything, just a normal casual glance which may become firmer if the face is familiar to him. For most this doesn't mean much, but until today Ikki hadn't really paid much attention to what was going on in the village unless it was under attack or there was some kind of emergency or danger. It's also the first time he's walking around without his Pandora box.

Sooner or later, he'll end at the bar once again, drinking yesterday wasn't enough for him apparently.]
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2010-11-29 09:43 pm

4th Rise of the Phoenix ஜ Voice/Action

Uhm... Smoker, uhm... I was wondering, could I move in with you? I know how to take care of myself well enough to not be a bother.

[That will reach him, right? Whenever he checks the books, hopefully soon. Ikki is inwardly dying due embarrassment for asking and hesitation. He can be alone quite well but... He doesn't like it that much to be always alone. He likes the marine well enough even if he has only met him once, may as well ask him first before asking in general if anyone would take him in as Giles had suggested.

After a moment the kid talks again, just for the sake of it.]

Hi, Luceti... Anyone there?

[He's not messing up, right?

Meanwhile he will be exploring the town, eventually ending at the Seventh Heaven to get some food and something to drink.]

[ooc: Ikki is still affected by the event and a kid, he's from right when Pandora was trying to kidnap Shun, so he's fairly young and without the anger issues he has when older. And will remain this way till the end of the event. Tags will come from [livejournal.com profile] flameschanged]
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2010-09-16 02:37 pm

3rd Rise of the Phoenix ஜ Action

[For once Ikki has decided to try to hang around the village itself instead of going to the mountains or the forest. Even he can get bored of that, after all.

He will be seen calmly sitting at the plaza or having a drink at the Good Spirits or the Seventh Heaven, depending on the hour. At one point he will "find" the flower shop and will get a flower -only one- before heading for the forest to a more or less secluded area.

Nothing terribly curious or interesting. Though he will have his Pandora box with him the whole time, as big as half of his body. Not that that's out of normal in Luceti, right?]
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2010-05-04 12:21 pm

2nd Rise of the Phoenix ஜ Action

[Fire Luceti! Fire!!!

The forest is burning with flames that reach higher than many of the residents will have ever seen. There's something off in that fire thought, to begin with no animals are trying to escape from it. Another strange thing is the lack of smoke or heat that should accompany such a big fire. Yet the fire is there, as real as everything else, just lacking the normal effects it should have.

For anyone curious enough to check on it they will find they they can walk through the fire without burning or feeling even an inch warmer then before. Unless they come with evil intentions, in which chances are they will at the very least be burned a bit, and the force of the fire will increase as they approach its center. People without evil intentions will be able to waltz through it as if nothing was there, finding animals and vegetation inside the fire totally unharmed, and in what would be the center of the fire, they'll find Ikki, sitting on a rock with his Pandora Box besides him.

Eyes closed as he sits calmly, anyone capable of feeling or being affected even a bit by his Cosmos will probably notice a poke upon approaching and a great concentration in the young man.]