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6th Rise of the Phoenix ஜ Action (Fourth Wall Event)

[Like many, Ikki isn't really a happy camper right now. The sudden influx of people was obvious for him from the very start, mostly because of his habit of reaching out with his Cosmo everyday upon waking up. It's basically just a reflex, a way to know if anything important is happening or if someone he knows has gone missing... Or even if someone he knows has appeared. Even if the cycle for arrivals hasn't started yet, Ikki has heard enough times already that the cycles like to change.

Still, it's one thing for it to start early and another to get this many people. It requires a visual investigation and soon enough the Phoenix Saint will be walking around the village to check what's going on. He's wearing his Cloth instead of just carry the Pandora Box, he may come to need it after all.]

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[A flash white light had met her eyes as the ship the carried the Saints and herself into the Lost Canvas. She had felt the stirring cold-warm winds in the clouds they had sailed through. And suddenly, it was as if the ship had stopped -- and disappeared.

Instead of the aged wood of the prow, she felt cold sand beneath her feet; instead of gales was the icy sting of snowflakes. Gradually, the sea-salt scent registered in her senses.

Her Cosmo had been initially at full charge, until the ensuing confusion bade her to lower it. She sensed the presence of people -- ones gentle as would civilians, and ones with certain potency. There was one, however, that felt oddly familiar -- something close to home, as opposed to the stranger ones present. Almost subconsciously, she zeroed in on that one Cosmo, and might just decide to trace it.

... Now if only it wasn't so difficult to move in a white gown while holding her staff...]

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[Despite the mental turmoil, she focused. Her own heart called, gentle, searching, Where are you? As his Cosmo burned --]

Could it be...?

[-- she found that it stood out strongly amongst the others, the distinct core of a Saint. But it was so far...

She paused in her steps, gripping her staff and summoned her power to send it within the other Cosmo's vicinity. She had chosen to take this gamble. Shortly, the Saint might sense the Cosmo of Athena within his vicinity -- somewhere amongst the trees perhaps -- as the glowing golden staff struck the Earth, waiting for its owner...]

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[Shortly after the staff had landed, a short burst of Cosmo signaled Athena's arrival. Her eyes studied the area, and her vision looked within the general direction of where that other Cosmo was coming from.

He was looking for her, just as she was looking for him. Regaining some of her mind, she idly wondered if this wasn't a trick of Hades, to separate her from her Saints. But... why this Cosmo?

Gradually she recognizes its form -- the bird of flames. There had been one in the war she was fighting but this one was not like the Bennu that steadfastly stood by Hades. No. This one was of hers.

And not one to make the other wait, she walks through the barren trees, the quiet call of her Cosmo reaching out to him.]

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[... Was that a feather of the Phoenix?

At this point she was zeroing in on him -- there was only so much error one can commit at the intensity and force his Cosmo was projecting. There was an urgency like Scorpio Kardia's, force like Taurus Aldebaran's and yes, anger... like of that one Specter.

Finding him was a priority, and once she had a glimpse of movement, she turned in that direction. Gathering her skirts in one hand, she picked up her pace -- from strides to a brisk walk -- such as that in a few moments, she might just see him...

... and those white-gold wings, making her stop in her tracks, catching her breath.]

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[She felt a sense of relief at his acknowledging her. She had many questions but she had to take them one at a time.]

My name is Sasha.

May I know your name, Saint of the Phoenix?

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[Blink.] That is true. However, the Phoenix Cloth that I know of has yet to find its Saint. You would be the first that I meet to bear that Cloth.

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[She gives him a warm smile.] I am glad to find that the Phoenix Cloth did not choose to completely isolate itself and that it had found someone worthy.

[Now something more pressing comes up.] By the by, would you know where we are?

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[Oh well that wasn't too much of a good news...]

You cannot leave? How can that be?

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[She ponders her options -- at the moment, things were looking like a stalemate. Almost like the Lost Canvas, even -- get inside, and seal Hades to get out. Need more time to think it over...] I see...

[She closes her eyes briefly --] I sense that there are many people here...

[-- and when she reopens them, she takes a look at the environs of Ikki's shoulders, distracted.] A-are those wings?

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A strange occurrence it is. But I will take your word with regards to our eventual departure...

[And wings they are indeed and not some costume. Hearing of their sensitive nature, she refrains from wanting to touch them. Her voice then takes a hint of sadness in them, as her eyes settled on the wings.

She was still thinking of how she can help Ikki leave.]

Would not that be a poisoned gift then? [It was a non-question. But the next one however --] Do you not miss home?

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[Here she takes a deep breath -- as if she had been holding it in for so long.] I see.

[Ikki's answer came to her as a subtle reminder as to why she had to keep a poker face at all times.] It is the same for me... while I am not keen on gambling myself, I would like to hold on to the hope that I will be there for my Saints on time.

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[She gives him a fond smile.] Thank you, um... am afraid I did not get your name...?

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Ikki. It is good to meet you.

[She had been quite stressed when she had arrived but she is gradually relaxing...]

Thank you. I will do so. I appreciate it very much.

Is Smoker your friend?