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8th Rise of the Phoenix ஜ Voice

[Ikki has never been a man to really care about those festivities, he never had time for them before and now he has no reason at all to care. Maybe, had Esmeralda lived longer, had them met under other circumstances at another place away from the cruelty of Death's Queen Island... Maybe he would have celebrated Saint Valentine's Day with her, maybe by his own will or just because she wanted to celebrate it and he didn't see a reason to upset her over something so small.

But Esmeralda is dead and he's a warrior, a soldier whose live belongs to Athena, for whom he will fight and die as many times as he has to, until his Cloth moves on to another warrior. So this day has no meaning for him. Neither was he present for previous experiments so for him it's all a normal day, there's not even the feeling of something missing. He had planned to maybe ignore the world during the day, for no other reason than being himself, but... Hyoga's habit of eating his footwear is starting to annoy him.]

Oi, anyone here is good with animals? I can't seem to get my wolf to stop eating my footwear.

[A pause.]

And no, books so far haven't helped with it.

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He's eating your shoes? Have you tried putting them in a room he can't get into?

[Apparently wolves are normal things here in Luceti. Rokuta has one, this person has one, though this one doesn't sound as well behaved as Rikaku.]

Maybe he needs his own set of shoes to chew?


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[Not at all! Nill's used to other people talking while she can't. ♥ Though while she would usually be moderately happy when she can help someone... the encouragement this boy is giving her makes her very happy for some reason...]

Sometimes puppies will chew things because their teeth hurt. I could try to find a chew toy? And maybe bring it to you?

[Was that too fast? She wants to meet him so badly, though, and it was the perfect excuse!]


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['Together'. Together is a nice word. And why not go? All of her daily cooking/laundry duties are done, so the rest of the day is for her. Why not go out and meet someone new and cute?]

That sounds good. Did you want to meet in the main plaza-area? I have long blonde hair and my wings are white.


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Okay! I'll be there in a few minutes!

[Because of course now, what she's wearing isn't good enough. She needs a nice dress! One that doesn't smell like Badou's been smoking around it. She finally comes up with a nice, floral dress with a full skirt and a long sleeved shirt under it. It is cold after all. But something spring-like might be good.]

[She takes a jacket too, just in case, and runs off to the plaza.]


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[Nill does hurry, since she figures changing her clothes would have cost her some time. As she runs from the house, she does catch something fiery landing in the plaza. At first, she starts a little, wondering what on earth could be burning like that--but then it disappears. And it looks like there's a person there.]

[She approaches, somewhat cautiously, head tilted. Dark blue hair, a jacket like Haine would wear--but the wolf is what gives it away. Nill slowly circles around him, head still tilted slightly, and smiles--are you waiting here for me?]


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[Nill startles a little when he smiles at her--goodness, he's even more handsome in person. Maybe a little rough-looking, but it suits him somehow. And his smile is so kind-looking, how could she be nervous?]

[She smiles back and nods to show she's pleased to meet him. Blushing, she takes Ikki's hand gently, palm up, and writes the letters of her name in his hand: N-I-L-L, and smiles up at him before crouching down to pat Hyoga on the head.]


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[Her blush deepens at the compliment. She'd never thought of her name as pretty, but that was probably because she'd lived with it all her life. It was just her name. But if Ikki said it was pretty, she believed him.]

[Fortunately though, Nill has had a lot of time to come to terms with the fact that while she can't speak, other people can and will talk. She's happy to listen, and happy to just be silent with the other person. But Ikki will figure this out in time. For now, she straightens up from petting Hyoga and nods, opening up her journal. She easily flips back a few entries, then points to where it says 'January'.]


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[Nill shakes her head and flips a few more entries. She points to a picture she took with her journal camera of everyone on the couch--though frankly all of them look like they're just there because she wanted a picture of everyone together.]

[But everyone's in it: Haine, Badou, Naoto, Mihai, and Nill in the center. Trying to be helpful, she points to each one and writes their name in turn.]


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[She smiles fondly at the picture and nods. She does have a big family. Bigger than she ever thought it would be. If the Bishop was there, it would be complete.]

[Nill closes the journal and tilts her head at Ikki. Surely he has some friends here? She hopes he doesn't live by himself... that would break her heart, someone so nice being all alone.]


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[Oh how terrible... not only is Ikki alone, but he's separated from his family. People he loves and cares for. Nill knows she's lucky, having everyone around her watching out for her safety and just being there. But Ikki was trapped and alone when he should be with his brothers.]

[Nill is on this--she tentatively takes his hand and squeezes it a little. She looks into his eyes (she's tearing up a little), as though to assure him that she's there, at the very least.]


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[Oh, wow. Nill's never... had anyone hold her like this. It's so personal, so tender. She's able to blink back her tears and smile at Ikki's reassurance. Friends would hold a person up as long as they had breath left. At least, in her experience, they would.]

[Nill looks briefly at the hand on her cheek, then nods almost imperceptibly. She doesn't want to jar his hand. Though she's having a bit of trouble meeting his eyes again, she's blushing so much.]


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[Oh! Right, yes, they're trying to find Hyoga something to chew on! That was the whole point, wasn't it... Instead of standing here staring into Ikki's eyes and wondering what he could be thinking about her.]

[But they have something to do now! Nill backs off a little, trying to cool her face down with her hands before gently taking Ikki's hand again and pulling him in the direction of the item shop. Perhaps there will be something there...?]


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[Nill is perfectly content to change the subject for the moment, given how she isn't sure how these feelings are developing so quickly. If they don't talk about something else, she'll just stand there holding his hand until the sun goes down. And that can't be very entertaining for Ikki...]

[So conversing it is! Though Nill actually hasn't had a pet, so she shakes her head. She's watched other people's pets before, but she hasn't had one of her own. So to carry on, she gestures to Hyoga and tilts her head. Where did Ikki find him? Is Hyoga his first pet? Really, however he interprets her head tilt, she'll be happy to listen.]


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[So Hyoga was a gift. Well, for someone who might have been missing home, a companion would be a very good gift. Even if Ikki doesn't think that he makes a good pet owner, sometimes pets were able to fill a hole in someone's life. Offer companionship and love. The fact that Ikki named it after his brother tells her that he must miss them more than he claims.]

[She pats his shoulder--you'll do just fine with Hyoga, I'll help!--and leads them both into the item shop. She looks around at the piles of stuff, wondering where to begin.]


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[Something to chew on, something to chew on... Something that a puppy would find entertaining, too. For the first few minutes, she follows Hyoga around, taking notes as to what he finds interesting. So far, nothing in particular.]

[Then, she spots a large rawhide bone at the edge of a pile. It's almost as big as Hyoga is, but maybe that means it would keep him occupied for a while? Nill picks it up and offers it to the pup, waiting to see what he does with it.]


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[It looks like they have a winner! Nill shakes a little in silent giggles and turns over the bone to Hyoga. So silly Hyoga, what's Nill going to do with a big bone? She pats him on the head a little, to try and reinforce that he should chew on that and not shoes, then catches Ikki looking at her.]

[She blushes, realizing she's happy that he's paying special attention to her, then stands up and moves next to Ikki. Looks like his chewing problem is taken care of...]


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[Nill giggles again as Hyoga pushes his bone against Ikki. She thinks she knows what Hyoga wants--he wants to play a little, maybe? Perhaps Hyoga was also chewing on shoes because Ikki wasn't paying attention to him.]

[She pats Ikki on the shoulder briefly, indicating that he should watch her for a moment. She reaches down for an end of the bone and pulls lightly for a little tug-of-war. Of course if that's not what he wants, Nill knows enough to let go before Hyoga thinks Nill's seriously trying to take away his bone.]


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[Nill grins as she and Hyoga play tug-of-war for a bit. She never had much time to play with other kids her age either, but somehow she grew up knowing how to play. With dogs, with children, joking with adults, she manages it all despite her rough patch before she knew Haine.]

[When Hyoga lets go, Nill swings it a few times, making as though she's going to throw it. She finally tosses it a little ways away, so Hyoga can fetch it. Once the puppy's back, Nill gives Ikki an encouraging look and gesture--you try this time!]
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I am. Try getting something he can chew on in the meanwhile and put something he can't stand the taste of on them in the meanwhile. Extreme spices usually work.
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Nothing poisonous, just bad tasting. Avoid chocolate and all that.
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Right, that's my point.
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Not here. I don't keep pets very long usually.