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3rd Rise of the Phoenix ஜ Action

[For once Ikki has decided to try to hang around the village itself instead of going to the mountains or the forest. Even he can get bored of that, after all.

He will be seen calmly sitting at the plaza or having a drink at the Good Spirits or the Seventh Heaven, depending on the hour. At one point he will "find" the flower shop and will get a flower -only one- before heading for the forest to a more or less secluded area.

Nothing terribly curious or interesting. Though he will have his Pandora box with him the whole time, as big as half of his body. Not that that's out of normal in Luceti, right?]
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[Nods head and is drinking a rum.]
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[Smoker was the kind of kid who probably was a hard drinker by 15. So he's definitely not about to complain.]

Good, you?
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heh, convenient

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More knew of. A fellow marine. He wasn't in my crew, but he was at the Battle of Marineford; most of us were.

Anyone for you?
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It... was a world changing event. To put it mildly.

It has another name, but that one just seems strange here.
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[Stares at, unsure whether to answer, but fuck it, it's not like he actually wants to HELP the pirates or make life easier on them.]

The execution of Portgas D. Ace.

The battle was almost completely televised with his crew fighting to take him back, including their allies; and more strangely still, a bunch of escaped prisoners from Impel Down which, until then was nigh impenetrable. Even for Luceti standards, it was strange.
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Strangely, it wasn't even about him, so much as his father.

Fear is a powerful thing when people worry about the destruction of life as they know it.
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No, I mean they wanted to eradicated everything and anything having to do with Gold Roger, the Will of the D and anything that could revive One Piece.

Portgas was considered something of the price of blood to pay for that.
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Beats me.

Something Gold Roger, possibly Dragon and Straw-Hat all carry. It terrifies Sengoku, but since he has to deal with Garp on a frequent basis, that could be why.
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It could. It's also a potential for haki so it's possible.

Yes. It was to fight the Strongest man in the world and his entire crew.

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[...Oh look it's the flame throw-- why does he have a flower? He can't help but want to look into this. He jogs on over closer to the guy-!] Oiii! Ikki!

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Yeah, yeah. Much whatever-

[He waves a hand dismissively at that once he's made it over] Anyway, what's with the flower?

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Who's it a gift for?

[/bugs bugs]

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[...Huh. That could either be personal, interesting, or boring. The first one is bad, second is good, third is bad again. Given that it's two of three for "let's not ask" he decides to take his own advice in favor of not pursuing the topic. He shrugs]

Fair enough, I guess.

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Just looking around town, of course. >[He just... shrugs at this. He's been doing a lot lately, but today is a slow day. It happens]

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Oi, oi. I've got plans in the works for them. I'm not not acting yet.

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Not of your business. [HE IS TSUNDERE everything is defensive]

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You're the one with a flower and a box on your back.