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13th Rise of the Phoenix ஜ Action (Fourth Wall Event)

[Apparently, either the Malnosso have decided that around three hundred of people aren't enough for their experiments... Or someone has left open the front door and people thought that the enclosure was a commercial center with a sale going on. Ikki has never been a people person, he has problems already when half of the village gathers for parties, this sudden influx of not-New Feathers isn't something that pleases him.

Specially when his pet, an arctic wolf cub, little over one year old and named Hyoga, decides to start running around to play catch with his owner. Of course, like always, Ikki is the "it" that has to catch the animal. And of course, today the village is so full of people that running around isn't easy, or keep sight of the animal, good thing Hyoga knows how to get back home... Or he should, Ikki had been teaching him that recently. Still he tries to catch the animal, not because he's worried but because it would be troublesome to just let it go and bother people.]

Let me go through, dammit! Hyoga!! Stop right there this instant!! Come back, stupid wolf! I'm not going to chase you forever so come already!

[Of course, Hyoga will at most stop, turn to look at its owner and then keep running away happily. Or bother whoever is next to him if he thinks they smell nice or something. He's not afraid of the angry phoenix chasing him, not at all.]
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[ This Old Ram is more bothered by the sudden change in scenery and the presence of people that he senses, than the pup that decided to sniff at the hem of his robes.

However, the pup's energetic movement tugs a little at the robes that he cannot help but look down and try to sweep the bit away with the help of some psychokinesis. ]

... are you certain you want to play?
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[ Shion certainly did not miss that voice nor that Cosmo as he takes a moment to zero in on the pup's owner with a fleeting impish smile. He looks back to the pup. ]

Named after a Saint, are you?

[ But no playing with the Holy Father's robes! Have some psychokinesis to gently lift you from the ground, little pup, only to deposit him just as gently -- halfway between him and Ikki. Will this Hyoga return to its master or to him? ]
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[ Shion smiles as he watches the pup look confused for a moment, only to have it bolt right back to him. He sighs, resigned, and let the pup do as it pleases. He decides to move and meet the Saint somewhere halfway. ]

I think all are games for such little creatures.

[ Slight incline of his head as he shrugs. ]

That works fine with me, Phoenix. Though truly, we are not in a place that requires much formality. I am called Shion as well.

[ He takes note of the wings and the somewhat diminished cosmo, but is currently quiet about it, preferring to see if he can pick up the pup. ]
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[ And upsadaisy, the wolf pup will be cradled in one arm and petted with the other. While he regards the pup, there is a fleeting bit of sadness in his eyes. ] A privilege some truly enjoy.

[ Smiling once more as he looks back up to Ikki. ] That is fine by me.

[ Doing the math -- the cosmo, the place, the wings he sees on Ikki and that he had seen on others. ] Would I be correct in assuming that the wings would be part of the reason why you are here?
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Imagine Shion sitting on that Pope throne with stroking a puppy in his lap... :3c

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[ Shion looks briefly over his shoulder. ] Then I guess I should not worry about being trapped here for long.

How does this... place pull people in anyway? [ Ear scritches for the puppy~ ]

hehehe~ X3

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((OOC: I'll apologize now for any inconsistencies; it's been years and I only know the early anime.

Also, sorry for the brainbreak. Mostly. ;) ))

[She probably won't notice the wolf cub at first. After all, she had just died, and now she was...somewhere else. With a lot of people around her, too. And someplace as cold as her home had been hot.

So maybe she can be forgiven if her first reaction isn't to bend down to pet the puppy, but to instead try and find someplace a little less crowded so that she can at least get her bearings. And a little more warmth.]
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[Well, the barking and carrying on will definitely get her attention. At first, she'll draw away just a little, startled by the sudden greeting. But it's easy to see within seconds that the pup is simply excited. Esmerelda will kneel down, smiling a little and offering a hand to sniff.]

Are you lost?

[And then she hears that familiar voice and stands.]


[She hears him, but she can't see him in this crowd. She starts to look around to see if she can figure out the direction he's in.]
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[Esmeralda is, of course, looking in the wrong direction at first as well, but at the sound of her name, she'll turn to Ikki. She will pause, of course. He is taller, and older. And...perhaps there is something ever so slightly different about him.

But it is him. And he's alive.]


[And she'll smile.]

You're all right.
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[And that smile gets a little brighter as she nods. Still, she can sense the hesitancy, just as she can still feel the pain that had sent her on past her own mortal coil.

Or so she had thought. She will glance ever so briefly at herself, looking for the wound that should have been there before meeting his eyes once more.]

I've...been gone for a while, haven't I?

[Might as well try and make the best of this situation, yes?]

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[There's a partly grumpy, partly confused looking Ninja wandering about in Hyoga's path. Whatever happens next.]
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[Kurogane looks down at the wolf cub and a ghost of a smile might emerge on his face before disappearing. He opens his hand, palm up to let the cub sniff at his hand.]
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[He crouches down next to the pup and pats it on the back while looking at Hyoga with a thoughtful look.

Who do you belong to little guy?]
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No. Sounds like he has a good master.

[And then he rises to his full height and nods curtly.]

Where am I?

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